As one of the biggest industries that have a tremendous direct impact for the growing population, the agriculture industry has experienced a fair share of new technology advancements, changes in processes, infrastructure, and sustainability.

Because of this, huge opportunities for new trends will arise this year that will be mostly related to agriculture technology and how it will shape the landscape of the farming businesses.

However, despite the enormous technological advancements and the impact AgTech has made, a few factors will also determine how the farmer demographic will experience change in the effort to improve global food production.

Solutions for Agriculture

Irrigation solutions

    • Modernization of irrigation systems
    • Efficient use of water
    • Design of solutions for water collection and storage
    • Home automation of irrigation and telematics control of irrigation needs
    • Solar pumping

Technification and modernization of crops

    • Experts in a wide range of crops
    • Irrigated crops
      • Sunflower for seed production
      • Olives groves
      • Rice
    • Non-Irrigated
      • Sunflower
      • Durum Wheat
      • Olive groves

Industrial solutions for a first transformation of agricultural products

    • Warehouses and grain silos
    • Rice drying
    • Mills
    • Cold chambers for perishable products that avoid post-harvest losses
    • Slaughterhouses

Producer groups in cooperatives, contracting production with industries through contracts with small farmers

    • Consultancy
    • Training