It seemed like more and more media outlets were ready to announce the end of the traditional classroom. That desks and chalkboards would soon be discarded to make way for flipped classes, digital workspaces and social learning. The truth is, the best educational technology doesn’t replace the traditional classroom, but enhances it.

Through the latest educational innovations, teachers and students now have better access to quality resources and effective learning methods than ever before.

Solutions for Education

Smart Classroom

  • Hardware
    • Interactive Panel for Teachers
    • Devices for Students (to feedback)
    • Camera Robot
    • Device Charging box
    • Wifi Access point
    • Camera for Visualizers
  • Software
    • Class management
    • Classroom Learning Software

Virtual STEM Labs

  • A solution to impact within classrooms and promote experiential learning but virtually! Cost-effective and reducing risk of accidents, Environmentally Friendly
  • The teachers have a one-stop solution that combines content, simulations and practical explanations with STEM learning, along with data on their students’ continuous performance.
  • Students have laboratories to learn science in an attractive and practical way, to enrich learning in the traditional classroom, while advancing at their own pace, anywhere, at any time.
  • Always starting with a challenge, students, individually or in groups, are engaged as if they where playing, learning advanced STEM concepts.

Equipment for Engineering and Vocational training

  • Edibon solutions offer innovative engineering for technical teaching and research equipment, personalized and comprehensive service that covers the design, manufacture, installation, maintenance and advice.
  • More than 16.000 products, are distributed in the following technical areas: Physics, Electronic, Communications, Electricity, Energy, Mechatronics, Automation, Compu-mechatronics, Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamic, Process Control, Chemical Engineering, Food & Water, Environment, Biomedical.
  • Turning theory into practice. Advanced technology units using SCADA, using real components from the industry, protected and designed for training.

Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Student Learning Management
    • Curriculum management
    • Exercises & Exams
    • Student Evaluation
    • Digital Proctoring Assurance
  • Portal for Parents and Students

Digital Proctoring

  • All students have to enter the exam with a selected Wi-Fi and must be visible on the cameras as to ensure no one is coping, no teacher is helping and the person is actually doing the exam. No one will be able to go out of the class until is finalized.
  • Devices will be supported with fingerprint login to ensure the identity.
  • Microphones of students will be recording during the exam to avoid cheating. Also the devices will be able to take pictures of students while working on their devices.

Digital Transformation

  • E-Lectures
    • Are transformed from traditional format to digital format (e.g. Words, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) and/or adapted to platform
    • Are recorded by Teacher (with support by recording devices and studio)
  • E-Books are transformed from papers
  • Reference resources is translated from international trainning resources
  • E-Exercises and Exams are input by data entry